Eulogy to Dada (my father)

Eulogy to Dada (my father)

Every Sunday, the reminder on my phone would go off and 2 words would flash on my screen – Call Dada. Promptly, and excusing myself from no matter what I was doing, I would pick up my phone and dial the numbers. After a few rings, I would hear the same familiar voice– Aah Nelton, how are you?

After exchanging pleasantries our conversation would cover multiple topics, like the weather, his plants, and the business among others.

Very passionate about Goa and India, our conversation would often shift to regional and national politics where we would end up in a debate. When we were done, we spoke of how bad FC Goa was doing at the ISL and the Indian Cricket Team’s adventures.

Dada loved the rains, the outdoors and every bit of what nature had to offer. Wanting to excel in everything, it pained him to see someone or something not living to its complete potential.

Dada could never say a NO, and that showed in his actions. He always gave, if not in form then definitely in kind.

I always knew Dada had to go someday. But I wish this going could have been better. It would have been nice to talk about things in person and to say our proper goodbyes. But it could not be.

Dada was central to everything. You want to ask something, ask Dada; you want to do something, tell Dada. With Dada there, there was nothing to worry or take care of. With Dada there, there was always someone to go to. Now with Dada gone, every bit of that has gone.

To me, this feels unreal, like a dream, something I will wake up from soon. But sadly, it has been a week and this dream is not yet over.

People often say it’s only a matter of time till life will get perfect again. Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that no matter how much we try, life will and can never be perfect again. At best it can only get as perfect as it can be. We have all lost someone who has been very dear to us. And that’s the reality.

Dada always wanted the best for his family, his children and his near and dear ones. And I am sure, today, relieved of all his suffering he is smiling down upon each of us and proud of us. Seeing it rain, he must be for once, sitting laidback, pleasantly watching each of his plants grow. No matter what, he didn’t want to be a vegetable and a burden on others. And God fulfilled his wish.

While he was alive I couldn’t wish Dada a goodbye. So here’s one – Goodbye Dada. Take care and don’t worry about us. We will make you proud in every way. And every Sunday, when my phone would remind me to call you, I will just look up to the skies and hope you are.