Ten destinations you cannot afford to miss in 2017


There is nothing like travel. It is the only thing you buy that makes you richer! These are the top 10 countries to visit in 2017, the perfect prescription to soothe the wanderlust.

  1. Canada

Riding on a way of positivity thanks to its energetic leader Justin Trudeau and cities that have dominated global liveability indices, Canada is a very famous travel destination. Marking 150 years since confederation 2017 promises to take the renowned bonhomie and inclusiveness to a new high. With the weak Canadian dollar pushing down prices, visitors should have plenty to spend on what Canada has to offer, all in all making Canada the must-visit country in 2017.


2. Colombia

After decades of civil war and violent crime, Colombia has turned over a new leaf. There are no wonders of the world to see but the culture, nature and hospitality are of another world. With Pope Francis expected to visit this South American nation in 2017, it is high on the list of every Catholic.


3. Finland

The home of Nokia will celebrate its centenary year of independence this year. To mark the occasion fresco concerts and communal culinary experiences to sauna evenings and vintage-travel-poster exhibitions have been planned across the nation. There’s even a new national park, an 11,000-hectare chunk of land in Hossa, studded with pine forests and crisscrossed with rivers. With Finland playing host to the World Figure Skating Championships and Nordic World Ski Championships this year, there’s something for everyone.


4. Dominica

The absence of white virgin beaches has ensured that Dominica is the only island untouched by the swarm of beach resorts found in other parts of the Caribbean. Visit before coconut trees get replaced by large-scale chain resorts planned to open in 2018, ushering a new era of tourism.


5. Nepal

Though the 2015 earthquakes caused large-scale devastation, it couldn’t keep the land of the Everest down for long. By visiting the popular trekking trails, landmark temples and mountain ranges, you could help Nepal rebuild and bounce back stronger.


6. Bermuda

Bermuda is a British Island territory but is often mistaken for a Caribbean island. Only 1050 km off the coast of North Carolina, it is reachable from most of the major east-coast US cities in about two hours. The island has a distinctive blend of British and American culture, which can be found in the capital, Hamilton. In June Bermuda will host the America’s Cup, where the US will defend its title. Temperate climates and favourable winds make Bermuda the perfect location for this historic sailing race – and for your next trip.


7. Mongolia

In 2017, Mongolia will get a brand new capital city airport symbolising the country’s rapid modernization. To add to the transformed skyline of the nation’s capital, Ulaanbaatar a US$500 million Shangri-La complex is being built which will feature a 290 room hotel, and IMAX movie hall and a Hard Rock Café. It is expected to be completed by this year. Beyond the modernization, one can also enjoy the stunning countryside and Lake Khovsgol, regarded as the Blue Pearl of Asia.


8. Oman

With better connectivity than ever before and no lack of luxurious accommodation to relax in, Oman is making a mark on the traveller’s map of 2017. A one-of-a-kind futuristic theme park for families, Majarat Oman, is set to debut this year too.


9. Myanmar

The first civilian government in half a century has all its eyes on the future. The land of chanting monks and monasteries has all that a soulful traveller needs.


10. Ethiopia

Holding time in its own hands Ethiopia follows its own calendar which is approximately 7 years behind the Gregorian calendar. Famous for its timekeeping, script, language, cuisine, rock-cut churches, coffee, obelisks, tombs and castles, Ethiopia is paradise for a history enthusiast.


Which of these countries are you planning to visit this year? Let us know in the comments.