Top 10 interesting facts about the countries in the world


1. There are only 5 countries in the world that still use Fahrenheit to measure temperature, the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Palau, and the United States.

Countries that use Fahrenheit.svg
By LiggliluffOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

2. There are 22 nations around the world that have made voting mandatory for its citizens, often starting at age 18. Several of these countries are in Latin America with a handful allowing citizens to age out of compulsory voting by as early as age 65. In Australia, failure to vote can result in a $20 fine.

Red: Compulsory voting, enforced.

Pink: Compulsory voting, not enforced.

Blue: Compulsory voting, enforced (only men).

Light Blue: Compulsory voting, not enforced (only men).

Yellow: Historical: the country had compulsory voting in the past.

Compulsory voting.svg
By SPQRobin – Based on File:BlankMap-World6.svg, CC0,

3. There are only 3 countries in the world which do not use the metric system (Meters, liters, kilograms, etc) – Liberia, Myanmar and of course… the United States of America.

Metric system adoption map.svg
By →AzaToth – Own work. Derived from BlankMap-World6.svg by en:User:Canuckguy at en.wikipedia. Released under {{PD-self}} Information based on data from the CIA World Factbook., Public Domain,

4. There are currently only 55 countries in the world with full UN recognition that have left-hand traffic, marked in blue below. Countries marked in red have right-hand traffic.

Countries driving on the left or right.svg
By Benjamin D. Esham (bdesham) – Created by bdesham in Inkscape from BlankMap-World6.svg, using information from Sens de circulation.png. This vector image was created with Inkscape., Public Domain,

5. Most of the world’s countries do not use daylight saving time, but it is common in Europe and North America. India too used DST from 1940 – 1945.

Blue: DST used

Orange: DST formerly used

Red: DST never used.

By Paul Eggert – based on Image:BlankMap-World-Subdivisions.PNG, plus the data in the tz database, plus data in the maps on the INMS’s Time Zones & Daylight Saving Time page., CC BY-SA 3.0,

6. France has the most number of time zones in the world. It has 12 time zones ranging from UTC-10 to UTC+12. This unusual span is due to France’s scattered national territories. France is followed by USA and Russia with 11 time zones each, the UK with 9 and Australia with 8.

India has only one time zone, the Indian Standard Time (IST), which runs 5 hours and 30 minutes behind UTC. This may change soon to 6 if the proposal before the union government is accepted.

By TimeZonesBoyOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

7. There are 11 different forms of system of government across the world.

A colo(u)r-coded legend of forms of government.
By JackarangaList of countries by system of government for the colo(u)rs and File:BlankMap-World-Microstates.svg for the base map, File:Form of Government.png, for the description page and colo(u)rs Revised on 11 December 2014, based on File:BlankMap-World6.svg, with information from en:List of countries by system of government, GFDL,

8. China tops the list of countries with most borders. China has 16 neighbouring countries if both of China’s special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau are included. Russia comes next with 14 neighbours; Brazil with 10; Democratic Republic of Congo, Germany and Sudan with 9 each and Austria, France and Turkey with 8 each.

9. With 836 languages Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country on the planet. Indonesia comes second with 707 languages. Nigeria, India and the United States follow with 529, 454 and 420 spoken languages respectively.

10. Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are transcontinental countries with territory in both Europe and Asia.

Dark Blue: Contiguous transcontinental countries.

Blue: Non-contiguous transcontinental countries.

Light Blue: Countries whose transcontinental status depends on either the legal status of their claims or the definition of continental boundaries used.

Transcontinental nations.svg
By JurryaanyOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0,