Top Gadgets coming in 2017


2016 was the year of the Microsoft HoloLens, Apple iPhone 7 and the exploding Samsung Note 7. What does 2017 have in store? Let us have a look at the top gadgets coming in 2017 – a must-have list for every gadget enthusiast.

  • Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 7 received a lot of flak for its lack of innovation. But probably that was just Apple’s way of saving the best for later. The iPhone 8, expected in September, would be the company’s 10th anniversary iPhone and is expected to be distinctly different from its predecessors.

LCD’s (Liquid Crystal Display) could give way to a thinner, lighter and more flexible OLED’s (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) that will wrap around the device’s edges, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Edge. To be one-up, Apple is trying to make the feature more useful by enabling the phone to react when you touch any of its sides instead of just one.

The S8 has a lot riding on it as it is looked up to as the phoenix that shall rise from the ashes of the Note 7. The phone is expected to have a new virtual personal assistant from the company’s latest acquisition – start-up Viv. The S8 is also rumoured to pack an extremely high-resolution ‘4K’ display, a second rear camera, and possibly an iris scanner for an added layer of security.

  • Foldable Samsung smartphone

2017 may also see the fruits of the labour of numerous years. In 2013, Samsung released a concept video of a tablet device that could be folded into a smartphone for convenient transport. 2017 may just be the year where Samsung could beat the likes of Lenovo and Oppo to the market.

  • Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft has been talking about building the ultimate smartphone that isn’t just a smartphone, ever since the Lumia line of phones bit the dust. 2017 may be the year where the small niche community of Microsoft enthusiasts will claim their right to glory. The Surface Phone, like the very famous and successful Surface line of products, is expected to sport a metal body and run the full Windows 10 OS through a dock when connected to an external keyboard, monitor and mouse. If successful, organisations may just hand their employees Surface Phones instead of laptops.

A year ago when HTC revealed its plans of focussing on Virtual Reality it made the market go tizzy. But its Vive VR system has proved the test of time and vindicated the company’s stand. For the Vive 2, HTC aims to cut the cable that currently connects the headset to the PC. Accessories by start-ups will be used to connect wirelessly.

  • Android Wear 2.0 smart watches

2016 saw the creation of another product segment – the smartwatches, and 2017 is only expected to push the bar. Based on the updated version of Android, the Wear 2.0 will let users download and run apps on their watches via Bluetooth, cellular connection, or Wi-Fi, without relying on tethered connections from their smartphones. Android Wear 2.0 is currently in the “developer preview” phase and will be publicly released by mid-2017.

This ends the list of the top gadgets coming in 2017. Do you agree with it? Are there any gadgets that didn’t make it? Let us know in the comments.